New Training Course - C.M.S. training Beginning as of 3-21-2021

Communicate Move Shoot

This course is designed for shooters of all stages from beginner to experienced. This course can be simply added on at the end of the completion of a HQL or a Concealed carry course for just $35.00.

You may also choose to select this course on a future date with an additional cost of $15.00.

This course and scenarios are designed to incorporate all the skills you have obtained from your HQL or Concealed Carry training. Safety is our number one priority, an experienced instructor will be within an arm’s reach of you at all times. We will first demonstrate the course and all students will then perform the scenarios with a training handgun. “No live ammunition will be issued” until you can safely and confidently negotiate the course.

What is Communicate Move Shoot?

This course will give you the training and knowledge to apply all that you have learned in prior courses in a safe and controlled environment to prepare you and your family in the event of a violent attack.

Using a firearm is always a last resort when all else has fails.
Let our staff train and prepare you in the event that you have no other choice.

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