Youth Firearms Training

Youth Firearms Training


Youth Firearms Training

Ages 9 to 20 Ages 17 and under must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

Please note, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver in order for anyone under 18 to attend training.

Youth Firearms Training
Youth Firearms Training 2

The Youth Firearms Training Program is designed completely around Firearms Safety. Students can attend any class with the exception of concealed carry with their parents or Guardian including HQL, Virtual HQL and C.MS. Youth students like all new students will practice with training guns first to learn the basics of RIFLE, HANDGUN SAFETY, and Shooting Fundamentals. 

During the live-fire training portion, parents may choose whether or not their child fires either a small caliber 22lr, Pistol, or Rifle.  We also have training ammunition “simunitions” available as another option if you are uncomfortable with your child shooting live ammunition. Everyone’s safety and security are of the utmost importance to our staff.  Instructors will maintain physical contact for everyone’s safety while a student is shooting.  Our Instructors are all of a Law Enforcement, Military, and Academy Staff Background. Firearms safety is and will always be our primary concern.!

Please contact our training staff if you have any additional questions.

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